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I have a small portable stage with lights etc. and hanging racks for puppets.

All I need is a 3 pin power point to run a lead to. The area I need varies as I have to be flexible and work in all sorts of venues from family lounges to garages to larger halls and community buildings.

The ideal area for a birthday party needs to be 4m wide and 6m long, as the space for my stage needs to be 3m x 2m.




I prefer to work indoors but do, in some situations, perform outside.

When performing outside again I have to adjust to all sorts of conditions from private gardens to public fair-grounds.

I do have a large canopy 3m x 6m which is like a tent without sides, providing an area for me to work in as well as room for the children to sit out of the sun.

Wind is a major factor with outside performances as string puppets tend to blow around very easily so sheltered positions are essential.


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