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My interest in marionette puppets grew from a simple cowboy puppet I was given as a small boy. Later I began making my own puppets, developing a miniature circus from ideas I found in a book by Peter Fraser.

As my original cowboy was 12 inches tall I have tended to make most of my marionettes to this scale. I have added to the circus over the years and have developed other puppets as well. I have a full set for the story of the Good Samaritan and have recently developed some simple abstract characters using balls, beads, coloured card and simple craft supplies that children can make for themselves.

For my wife and family this has been a great hobby and interest which I can now share with others. Since I first started making the circus hundreds of children have played with and enjoyed my puppets many going onto make their own simple marionettes.

I am still developing new ideas and have an endless list of things I would like to make and show.





The challenge is always there to see just what you can do with strings and wooden characters as you make the inanimate come to life.

As my hobby has grown so has my passion for puppets and I now have a large selection of antique and unusual puppets that I have collected over the years. Some in mint condition as they were originally made and others that I have lovingly restored and restrung to their former glory.

If you are interested in my collection or know of puppets in need of restoration or a good home, please email me.


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